narzedzia - Sogand - "The Lom" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Sogand - "The Lom" OFFICIAL VIDEO

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  • عاشقتم، از بقیه دخترهای رپ ایران یه سر و گردن سرتری. اینکارت واقعاً احساسی و تلفیق جالبی از سُنت و مدرنیته بود. صد بار این موزیکتو پخش کردم... بهترینی 😘😘😘
  • kheili kheili kheili karet doroste , sahebe sabki damet ham garrrrrm
  • WHY ISN'T THIS POPULAR? Whatever, quality over quantity. 
  • Sogand - "The Lom" OFFICIAL VIDEO:
  • می‌‌رُم، می‌رُم، می‌رُم
  • I actually like this song, its a different style to the other typical Persian songs
  • sogand?? terekondi enfejari!! :D <3
  • Sogand - "The Lom" OFFICIAL VIDEO:
  • i haven't liked the video :))))
  • Can someone please translate it in English please
  • I am in love with this song!!!!
  • Seriously shes like the definition of Gharb Zadegi. LOL
  • Wow! Thank God for such an artistic and modernly traditional voice and artist. 
  • khali az ehsas khoondi . sogand you sing this song so flat and without emotion , 
  • with country is she from? (I'm not good at english ok)
  • Awesome song. Although, shouldn't it be called "Delom" instead of "The Lom"?
  • what language is this? farsi?
  • Whoever says she is spoiled by the west is an idiot who is completely misunderstanding who she is. She left Iran at age 5 and is more fluent in Farsi than a lot of other people. She also demonstrates how someone can be covered in tattoos yet be so classy and stylish. She is elegant, creative , stylish and beautiful. Way better than the trash being produced by the iranian music industry in L.A. Has anyone else noticed how superior the iranian-europian artists are creatively to the cookie cutter "musicians" in North America? They bring a new angle instead of imitating the american rap culture or sticking to the mindless "shis-o-hasht" music that sounds so dated and unimaginative. Proud of you Sogand. Keep doing what you do, you are simply awesome.
  • تو خواننده های حال حاضر زن، صدای سوگند و کیفیت اشعارش(البته این یکی آهنگ روخونیه یک آهنگ قدیمی بود) واقعا از همشون خیلی بهتره...
  • خیلی خوشم اومد هم آهنگ هم شعر و هم استایل واقعا خوب بود
  • WTF! Everyone has become a singer these days!!!
  • Ay del bar, khoda yare asheghune
  • Im addicted :O <3
  • this is a basically DASHTI song and this video doesn't describe the meaning of this song at all, but she has a great voice and performance is excellent
  • Does anyone know the name of the original song? I've heard this but the old classic version I forgot who it was.
  • Je ne connaissais pas ,mais là je trouve cette chanson Magnifique ,dans tous les sens du Terme ! Merci 
  • her best work yet props!
  • I can't go to bed, because I have to listen to this again and again ... Ugh. And she sings in German too. Swoonish sigh.
  • voll gei ey e baba eywal hahahahhahahahaha
  • ممنون چه تولید جالبی چه از صدا و چه از سیما. یکی از مهمترین عناصر موسیقی نو گرائی ایست. 
  • ♪♥ das ist eine gutes musik
  • she's amazing, we need more of this modern style of music. 10/10
  • منم عاشق اهنگت شدم همه چیز عالی بود 
  • حرف نداری ... کارات فوق العاده است ... 
  • do anyone know where I can get the lyrics in "Finglish"
  • can I be her
  • Its called دشتستانی. 
  • Soggy is the BEST <3 Can't stop listening to this song!
  • وای جونم ، وای دلبر دلوم امروز به آرومی خود خو کرده ، وای جونم وای دلبر یاد چشمونه سیاهش من و جادو کرده وای جونم وای دلبر
  • Very nice. I like it. Good job!
  • زیباست
  • Come & Perform in Afghanistan Azizam khashang ahang ast in Love with it sogand jann
  • Yes nice clip
  • Well done Sogand, keep on performing and singing your own style it's unique amongst all the other iranian performers & Singers :-) I guess by THE LOM you meant DELOM (My heart ?!). 
  • in ahange korose sarhangzade be esme delbar e
  • SubhanAllah...
  • I love the song, it's one step towards persian speaking new school. I hate it when people claim, "real music was made in the good ol' days". I agree, there are some legends from before whose music will affect us forever, but that doesn't mean it always has to stay the same. Music evolves too and in my opinion it is a great song. Barikala
  • Suprime. Excellent job. Very creative. 
  • I'm never usually a fan of modern Iranian music but I'm absolutely in love with this. It's absolutely beautiful <3
  • Zobacz też: śpiewnik.


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