narzedzia - Nadech & Taew || Lom Sorn Ruk MV

Nadech & Taew || Lom Sorn Ruk MV

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  • Love Nadech and Taew's chemistry so much..tks for the lovely MV, just 5 episode but they have so much adorable scene together...
  • OMG. You got a macbook?! I'm barely going around catching up with videos & all. I love this, eehehe. I need to catch up on LSR too, please tell me all about it. I love the video, I swear..You do such an amazing job- I absolutely love it :3 
  • Lovely mv <3 hope to see more videos from you in the future :)
  • Ekkk! I love love this song! I clicked on it assuming it was LSR's OST but I remembered they blocked it & BAM LEH RATEE's OST COMES ON 😭💞💞💞 lol I'm kinda obsessed w/ LR right now -- but anyways onto your amazing MV . I like it! Like I said, I love this song & I love how you used it as LSR "ost" <3 Oooohh! Congrats on that Macpro! I need a laptop now 😭😭 
  • Yay for our macbook!!!! ^____^ And this is so beautiful. Nadech is such a handsome fellaaaa. And Taew is so pretty. Love this song to the max!!! Are you watching Leh Ratee by any chance? :) Great choice of scenes! Hope to see more from you, love :)
  • Dang, I'm loving Lom Sorn Ruk! Nadech is too hot and the chemistry's cute. <3 Great mv! 
  • Thank you for such a beautiful MV. I love this song. I was wondering what is this song called?
  • Wow! Beautiful editing & lovely MV! :D
  • I want to watch this lakorn so much, it's crushing my heart I can't see it with eng sub!!! Look at these cute chemistry!!! Ahhh, someone please help where I can watch with eng sub 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Zobacz też: przykłady koloru.


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