narzedzia - Building a Porch - Part 3 - 4000 Year Old Tools

Building a Porch - Part 3 - 4000 Year Old Tools

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  • I am REALLY enjoying these.
  • Very cool the level works it's cheap and simple to use very well done Jay. Take it easy on yourself my friend.
  • Came across your videos via the pipe smoking community, which I'm brand new to, and your videos are among my favorites. Very informative and contemplative (if that makes any sense). The Egyptian water level was extremely interesting. Thanks for the videos! Take care!
  • I used a water level when putting a drop ceiling in my basement. You can't beat the ingenuity of our ancestors
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  • Sir, you would have made a GREAT Egyptian! Awesome project: i request some outdoor smoke vids in December...
  • Well done Hiram! That there is sure looking like a porch/roof like structure! Someone suggested some diagonals. Might be warranted although if your plywood or OSB (not sure but I think it holds up to rain better, at least it seems it did 10-15 yrs ago.) If you lay it right, should hold that square and keep it from racking. I'm more interested in how the front will do in the Z axis, remaining plumb.
  • That Egyptian water leveling technique is brilliant. Thanks for sharing, Jay. Very cool. Peace, Eric
  • Jay you may want to get flashing under the top row of your log siding and then bent out above your header board before you get along to far (you'll have to pull the header off first, but I think it will payoff in the long run).
  • very cool, that method is super handy
  • Great job! I like the modern toys, but really like the old basics. Kinda funny that my wife likes watching all these shows that ascribe all the building projects of mankind to 'ancient aliens'. I have to laugh, thinking "Those researchers have never built anything in their life".... let alone spent their whole lives building. Even untaught, your average 2 1/2 year old can build invent and build a complicated structure to get up to that cookie jar on the fridge. 
  • When my dad first showed me this, I had to ask "Where the hell did those Egyptians get the clear tubing is what I wanna know." Yes, my dad then punched me in the face. It's amazing how much frustration is eliminated when you color the water. Next project you use this, you will see the difference. Good work!
  • That is Just amazing.good thing you suggested running to the toilet! Our ancestors where incredibly talented and inventive! Long time viewer, first time commenting. Great Videos I enjoy each and every one. Keep up the good work!
  • I have found 1/2" tube works better than 1/4"tube. Instead of clear water, you can also use cold coffee for easier viewing of the level.
  • She is looking very good, but pace yourself brother. Take a day off and then jump back on it!
  • you should make some diagonal reinforcement in the roof section to link porch to the house wall. it helps to withstand skewing forces in the wind.
  • Very professional looking job! I can't wait for the day when you're sitting under there having a smoke!
  • What this video needs is sped up and some Benny hill music in the background :)
  • watched all three of these videos and so far I'm impressed. Goes to show how you that a little perseverance, planning, and 4000 year old knowledge can go a long way in home builds. Thanks for the video and can't wait for the next one. 
  • You're a great educator Jay, my 8 year old son Bailey enjoyed this with me.
  • That water level is a freaky good idea. Gonna have to try that the next time I build somethin. Could've came in handy a few times hahaha
  • Really digging this project and the multi-part videos! Keep up the great work! I think I'm learning something along the way! :D
  • Very Interesting! Very cool video.
  • Zobacz też: utylizacja.


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